Thursday, October 28, 2004

Really shouldn't have...

Mood: Sleepy and dreadful
Health Condition: Blocked nose, teary eyes and dry throat.

Okie...maybe I've should really sleep that late. My brain can hardly function today.
There's quite some work on my plate today and I'm really not in the mood. Can't wait to just get out of this office and listen to some nice groovy jazz with the beautiful voice of Mia Palencia. (gonna head to Avanti tonight for a jazz gig by Groove Unction and lovely Mia)

....feel so dreadful. I'm feeling like peeling my nose off. I HATE BLOCKED NOSE! Must get outta this freezer office during lunch...possibility of going to Mid Valley for a lunch stop to get something for office. Maybe even some shopping...(hey, can't blame me, it's Friday!)

Sigh...better get to work. %^@*@#$@ ......

1.19am and still going...

Okie it's 1.19am now and I'm still online...

*shit! I think I'm hooked on to the online world now*

Got a Digi prepaid just now for only RM18. Got a RM10 worth of credit with an extra of RM3 from a friend using their latest Talk Transfer. Ahaha kim can call me free of charge now.

Got him to also set up the GPRS settings on my phone and I can't stop since.
I'm really enjoying it now...(I don't use WAP functions on my Maxis line, dunno why?)...I mean mobile technology is so cool!! Now if only I can get at least a 12" on my phone screen....:P (i know it won't be mobile phone then)

Okie...really need to get to sleep. *yawwnnnn*

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Same old and getting worst...

Came in to work today feeling good and want to do some productive work today...but my eager mood had been spoilt by Ms.Anonymous. We're suppose to work on a job together, but I'm starting to feel that she's pushing everything to me.

I know she's doing something on her personal stint during the office hours....but this is getting out of hand. She have absolute no interest on what we are suppose to do. I'm hating this...although this job was originally hers and I'm only an asisstance to her, I can't say that out loud to her, can I?!!

Well, I couldn't care anymore...if this drags on, I might say it right to her face. Not gonna do this on my suppose to be teamwork. What is teamwork without a contributing teammate?