Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old habits need to die.'s another year gone and I've gone into the habit of not blogging again. Have moved on to another company since the last one posted. Lately, I'm getting reminders here and there that I need to start blogging again. 

Here am I. Trying to blog again. Which caught me wondering? Coming from the advertising background, we always talk about copywriting skills. Should there also be an art of blogging? What kind of skills you need to blog? How to blog to move people? How do to add personality to your blog? Blog for what? I started blogging as a personal diary. I never expect people to evaluate my writing skills or the stuff I write about. Blogging has soon become a tool of communication for most of us today. If I need to find out what's the latest happenings with my friends, I'll check their blog. Blog has become more than just a personal diary. More like a book, a movie or a video projecting the stories and scenes from our lives. 

Last year, I have posted on this blog asking whether if blogging is form of privacy or a public show-tell. I realised blog is never a private diary. Whether you like it or not, once posted, you are showing/telling it to the whole world. I know for a fact that not many of my friends read my blog due to my frequency of posting an entry but I realised occasionally there will one stranger or two who reads my blog and made some comments. Seeing this, I have a sudden urge to blog on and on...let's hope this time I stick to it and let the old habits die hard.