Wednesday, April 06, 2005

No Happy Ending...?

Have you ever watched a movie, hoping throughout that movie that when you get to the end, you'll see a happy ending to the story?

Well, in my case it wasn't a movie, more of a drama series of 25-episode. I have watched the story evolved from episode 1, psyching myself to be within the story and up to the end of the series, I did not get to see a happy ending. I felt sad, I felt dissatisfied!!! Since last night till this morning, I'm still dwelling on the fact that the guy and girl did not live happily ever after. Still dwelling on why didn't god (or in this case, the director) did not let him live on to be with his beloved, why did he have to die?!

Everytime when there's no happy ending, I have the sudden strong urge to "get into" the story and set things right. I wonder if anyone shared the same feeling as I do. I want everybody to be happy in the end. To have a happy ending.

This kinda put me in a sombre mood today, especially with the cloudy, gloomy weather today. Maybe, I should just avoid stories with no happy ending. I think directors or producers should put a warning before anyone watches their show. Maybe it should read something like below:

WARNING: This story contains elements of sad-story endings. People with fragile heart and tear-prone are not recommend to proceed in viewing the show.

Well, anyone?