Thursday, January 13, 2005

To honestly loved and be loved....and nothing more?

It's been a while since I've blogged. Got the blog's writer's block or just an excuse to make myself feel better.

Been watching a new drama on TV, and it makes me ponder on this issue. Is it really enough to just honestly loved someone, be loved and not ask for anything more?

Ms. B 'nui chu kok'* and Mr.S 'nam chu kok'** in the drama have sparked off during their vacation off work. And due to a minor misunderstanding, both decide not to pursue further in the relationship.

Much later in the drama, Ms.B and Mr.S finally found the truth of the misunderstanding and what has been keeping them apart. But alas, it was too late, Ms.B have already taken a pledge to a new life with another man.

B: You knew the truth, why didn't you tell me?
S: I thought you were'n't a serious person in relationship. I thought you were....(blah, blah,blah)
B: Why this have to happen now? Why?!
S: It's too late, we have to be rationale. You are another man's wife.
B: I just need to know. If you knew the truth, would you have pursued to love me?
S: Definitely...
B: Which means the time we had together, the feeling was real. We have honestly loved each other. Knowing this, would be enough isn't it.
S: (Nods...)

Conclusion: Ms.B went back to her hubby and both S & B hold on to the memory that they had honestly loved each other. And that is enough.

I wonder if this only happens in movie. Given in real life, things will not be as simple. How many of us would really give an honest heart into the relationship?

I'm looking for the answer still...

*nui chu kok: main actress
**nam chu kok: main actor

Love don't need a reason, it needs honesty.